The French Grammar Guide

Available in two versions: the Reference Edition contains a full, interactive grammar reference along with translation tasks and quizzes. The Video Edition (currently iOS only) additionally contains 20 video lessons to give you a truly interactive learning experience. Suitable for intermediate to advanced learners.  If you are studying A level French or equivalent, this guide has been written with you in mind!

This guide is for anyone who is serious about improving their accuracy with French grammar. From relative beginners to advanced learners,the French Grammar Guide will take you through both the basics of French grammar, as well as exploring some of the more intricate aspects.  Each area of of French grammar is broken down into units, with a quiz at the end of each section. The final unit contains guidance on more complex structures in French and includes practice translation exercises into French. There are also quizzes to test your tense and verb knowledge.

*Not all features currently available on all platforms. For platform-specific information, please visit the appropriate store for your device.