GCSE Boss German

*For GCSE exams in 2016 and 2017* - 2018 version coming soon!

Take control of your German vocabulary revision with GCSE Boss!  All of the vocabulary for the AQA German GCSE course (4665) is here, so you know you are learning everything you need for the listening and reading exams. As a bonus, there is a full grammar guide and key phrases to help with controlled assessments!


- Detailed and easy to read vocabulary lists for each topic. Choose to hide the German or English to help you revise.  Make sure you choose whether you are doing Foundation or Higher Tier in Settings to ensure you get exactly what you need.!

- Quiz section:  Pick a topic and do either 20 or 100 questions to check your progress.  If you do 100 questions, the app will update your overall progress for that topic, so you can see how you are improving.

- Full GCSE grammar guide to help you with controlled assessments.

- Key phrases section: this contains very common German phrases to help with the controlled assessments.