GCSE French Vocabulary Master

Give your French revision a boost!

The GCSE Listening and Reading exams require you to be able to understand a lot of vocabulary. This app not only will teach you ALL of the words from the AQA specification, but also allows you to focus on a particular topic. Although it is designed for the AQA specification, it is still very useful if you are using a different exam board.

Once you have revised a section, use the quiz function and you will be given fifteen random questions on the topic studied. The app will keep score, and as the quiz questions are randomly generated, no two quizzes are the same! You can stick to fifteen questions or keep going to get a high score.

If you are short on time, the app can randomly select ten words from a chosen topic for you to learn while on the bus, waiting in a queue - wherever you have your device! Little and often is the key to success.